Police Horses
1 Training to jump over obstacles 2 Horses love to play with the ball. 3 The shot with the pistol simulates a sudden, loud noise which the animals have to stand without panic. 4 Horses are flight animals, riding through smoke trains them to ignore this natural reflex. 5 Fire and things that touch the horses' legs also trigger flight reflexes. 6 Frank Fischer is the chief instructor of the equestrian squadron. 7 Exercise to pass opaque obstacles. 8 Hood to protect the sensitive ears of the horses. 9 Periodically, the police orchestra comes by to prepare the horses for loud events. 10 Horses don't like it when their legs get touched. 11 A police horse. 12 Even though the drum is very loud, the horses are attracted to the bass. 13 Detail of a Grey Horse. 14 A Grey Horse in full mission gear. 15 A cartridge that emits colored fog. 16 After showering, this apparatus dries the horses with a heat lamp and fans. 17 The equestrian squadron infront of burning straw.