Dresdner Sinfoniker
1 Markus Rindt standing at a high-rise, explaining the concept of the show three days before the concert. 2 Four Alphorns during the rehearsal. 3 Residents standing at their balkonies and listening to concert. 4 Markus Rindt. 5 Markus Rindt after the concert was finished, happy and reliefed that everything went well. 6 The roof of a shopping center in between the panel buildings was the area for the audience. 7 Rindt together with a female Alphorn musician during the rehearsal. 8 All around the shopping center people gathered to hear concert for free. 9 Before the concert the musicians did small performances all around the social housing area. 10 During the rehearsal. 11 Musicians at a high-rise. 12 View from above. 13 Markus Rindt two days before the concert. 14 Markus Rind giving an interview to two boys that just founded a youtube channel. 15+16 Markus Rind. 17 Night over the panel buildings.