Autohof Strohofer
1 Peter Takacs, 56 years from Hungary, transports cars from Bremen to Italy on behalf of Mercedes. 2 Highway bridge and entrance to the village of Geiselwind, where truck stop is located. 3 Night over the truck stop. 4 A postmodernist church Toni had build for the truckers and where his daughter serves as a priestess. 5 truck shaped door handles at Toni's road house. 6 Parked trucks. 7 Schnitzel and local beer 8 Romanian truck drives. 9 Good buy greetings at the road house. 10 Since 30 years Anita Krug is working as a service worker at the gas station. 11 Bernd Mattiek, 45 years from Bielefeld did a short break at his way to the alps. 12 Quote from a country song of Gunther Gabriel who played many times at the truck stop's music hall. 13 Lunch time aka Brotzeit. 14 Franz Maier, a 52 years old mechanic stoped on his way back home to Frankfurt, he was on a weekend getaway alone. 15 Károly Olajos, 60 years from Hungary, drives for Renault from Slovenia to France. 16 Károly Olajos foot. 17 view from the Autobahn to the truck stop. 18 Car transport 19 Toni's Raststätte was the first facility that opened at the truck stop back in 1981. 20 Anton "Toni" Strohofer the founder of the truck stop died in 2018. 21 Thomas Gerold 35, truck driver from Kassel. 22 A small chapel Toni had build at the wide property of the truck stop. 23 Dawn over the truck stop.