Die Zeit
1 Zoo directors photographed at Leipzig Zoo. 2 Rainbow over Bitterfeld-Wolfen. 3 Dr. Stefan Müller, Miltiz Aromatics. 4 Martina Angermann, former major of Pillnitz. 5 A police student died in this squatted house in Halle. 6 Faisal Jahangier is to be deported to Pakistan after 13 years living in Germany. 7-10 Teens and Tweens from Dresden go at a bus tour to Poland for partying while in Germany was still curfew 11 Pia Findeis former major of Zwickau. 12 Trettman in Chemnitz. 13+14 Mike Möhring at his election campaign. 15 Party at the Leipzig AFD central after Europeen elections. 16 Bodo Ramelow and Gregor Gysi at election campaign. 17 State Elections Saxony. 18 Gotthold Schwarz former cantor of the Thomaner Choir, Leipzig. 19 Anti Corona Proteste at route B96 near Bautzen. 20-23 One day in Thuringia. 24+25 Thomas Kemmerich, short time prime minister of Thuringia. 26-33 What is Sachsen Anhalt about? 34 Kosmetik Studio Schöne, Coswig b. Dresden. 35 Counting votes at election day in Waldeck. 36 Fahrschule Fischer. 37 Anti Corona Proteste at route B96 near Bautzen.