1 Anne Hähnig for Die Zeit. 2 Thomas Zenker, major of Zittau. 3 Andreas Suchanek, professor of ethics HHL Leipzig. 4 Helmut Peter, founder of Autohaus Peter. 5 Bodo Ramelow, primeminister of Thuringia. 6 David Voss, graphic designer and found of Bureau Est. 7 Carl Pfeiffer, gastronome. 8 A cat. 9 Ten questions to a highly gifted person you would dare to ask, for VICE. 10 Dog Rocco. 11 Doorman at Yehovas Witnesses, Niederselters. 12 Relatives at my grandmas 85. birthday. 13 Guy with a snake. 14 Frank Ulrich, member of parliment. 15 Frederic Bußmann, director at the Chemnitz Art Collection. 16 Helene Fischer Ultra Fan. 17 Henrike Commichau, actress at the theater in Jena. 18 Ines & Maik. 19 Joko Winterscheidt. 20 Titus Schade and Joko Winterscheidt. 21 Kuno Hottenrott, professor for sience of training. 22 Maik's belly. 23 Martin Grunwald with his Fidget Spinner. 24 Matthias Grafe and his brothers, founders of Grafe Color Batch GmbH and a Golf resort near Weimar. 25 One days with Michael Hofmann, founder of Chantal. 26 Micharl Kretschmer, primeminister of Saxony. 27 Petra Köpping, politician. 28 Regina Schild, former head at the Stasi Records Agency in Leipzig. 29+30 Martin Spring, curator. 31 Till Jagla, sneaker designer. 32 Uwe Dzubiella, founder of worlds first kosher beer brand. 33 My grandma. 34 East and West Germany in portrait. 35 Hans Georg Maaßen, far right conservitve politician. 36 Guy at the Oktoberfest in Leipzig. 37 Martyr memorial in Kosovo. 38 Holger Stahlknecht, right conservitve politician. 39 Ingrid Mössinger, curator and former director at the Chemnitz Art Collection. 40+42 Micharl Kretschmer, primeminister of Saxony. 43 Germany oldest running club. 44 Person doing sports at home. 45 Victim of a crime. 46 Man with a bread. 47+48 Kerstin Ott, musician.